About us

Next Generation of Trustworthy Agri-Data Management – 101073381

EnTrust is a doctoral network funded by Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) which is a part of Horizon Europe, the MSCA are the European Union’s flagship funding programme for doctoral education and postdoctoral training of researchers.

Who we are

Horizon Europe is the European Union’s key funding programme for research and innovation to tackle climate change in order to help achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and boost the EU’s competitiveness and growth.

EnTrust Doctoral Network will train a cohort of 11 Doctoral Candidates (DCs) in an intersectoral, international and interdisciplinary setting with the aim to establish a new generation of Data Executives that are able to advance the state of the art in sharing data in a fair, transparent, and trusted environment. 

6 academic & 10 industry partners

11 doctoral researchers

Inter-disciplinary (computing, information systems and social science)

International- spread across 5 countries

Funded by the European Commission

What we are doing

Its mission is to is to enable farmers to become equal partners in the agri data-value chain. EnTrust will enable Doctoral Candidates to excel in their future career perspectives and to obtain a PhD in the intersection between computing, information systems and social science.

The programme will create a significant impact in terms of having a huge scientific, economic, and societal impact. EnTrust is investigating how agri-data from farmers can be made available, governed, and exploited, with benefits shared in a fair way.

The Training focus of EnTrust

The EnTrust training programme will include innovative elements and exemplary research demonstrating how to gather, share and exploit data in a fair, transparent, and trusted environment, thus addressing key challenges to sharing and exploiting agri-data:

Data Executives represent the future leaders in data management with an interdisciplinary skillset covering technical, legal, managerial, and entrepreneurial skills.

In addition to hosting secondments, all non-academic EnTrust participants offer opportunities for short scientific visits to reflect, discuss and receive feedback on ongoing research.

EnTrust activities are further distributed in six work packages. These work packages are of three kinds; Scientific, Management and Training:

Digital Technology Adoption

This will analyse adoption factors of Data Technologies to allow farmers to unlock data potential.

Data Governance Practices

This will enhance Data Governance practices to ensure a fair and trustworthy agri-data space.

Innovative Business Models

This will develop new types of innovative Business models for fair value sharing.

Network Training

This oversees network training, research & training quality, efficiency, and excellence of EnTrust.

Dissemination, Exploitation, Communication

This coordinates communication, dissemination and exploitation of IP and results.

Management and Quality Assurance

This includes general management and coordination activities, including DR recruitment, supervision arrangements, deliverables, ethics, gender representation, policies, finance, and quality assurance.