EnTrust has been developed with the input of non-academic participants from software, digital, agri and food enterprise, policy, design and social enterprise backgrounds.

What this means

This forms a coherent and well-balanced network to establish a new generation of Data Executives, that recognises the importance of exposing researchers to the academic and non-academic sectors, allowing to share data in a fair, transparent, and trusted environment.

True integration of the non-academic sector allows each DC to gain insights into and be actively exposed to challenges, practices, and technologies in the non-academic environment.


Contributing to structuring doctoral training at the European level and to strengthening European innovation capacity, including the potential for Meaningful contribution of the non-academic sector tot he doctoral training as appropriate to the implementation mode and research field.

Career & Employability

Credibility of the measures to enhance the career perspectives and employability of researchers and contribution to their skills development.

Suitability & Quality

Suitability and quality of the measures to maximise expected outcomes and impacts, as set out in the dissemination and exploitation plan, including communication activities.


The economic impacts (project’s pathways towards impact) including Scientific impact, Expected economic / technical impact and Expected Societal impact.